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2 day Koko's All Natural Detox- Gallons

2 day Koko's All Natural Detox- Gallons

Koko's  All natural 2 day detox is a detox that can jump start your weight loss journey and decrease bloating in the first 24 hours!! Average weight loss in just TWO DAYS  is between 3-6 pounds, with some clients loosing as much as 10 pounds!!!!!-Detox comes in the option of gallons and bottles. 2 Gallons and 16  bottles provide the same amount of detox, the bottles just add extra convience by knowing the exact amount being consumed everytime!
- Gallons are 35.00 for 2 gallons. 
-Limited Availability. Email or text 404-913-6890 to check meetup availability BEFORE purchase to ensure you can grab yours today. 
- Two gallons is the minimum purchase amount.

-Gallons cannot be shipped. Pick up ONLY
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    Detox ingredients includes: organic grapefruit, orange juice, lemon juice, turmeric and ginger. If you are on any medications please be sure to consult your physician to ensure you are able to detox. Some medications cannot be combined with grapefruit juice. Instructions will be provided once you purchase detox.

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